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The place of comfort, security, rejuvenation. A repository for all the things, great and small, that define your life. But, what happens when your staircase becomes an impediment? Is your life reduced? Perhaps. But, it need not be.
A Stairlift can provide the effortless connection between the floors of your home with quiet, stylish elegance and confidence. And, a Stannah Stairlift ensures that your journey will be smooth, steady and uneventful. Surprises in life can be delightful…but not on a stairlift.

Whether you want a straight rail stairlift, a custom curved rail stair lift, or an outdoor straight rail or outdoor curved stairlift, Stannah is there with the solution. Peace of mind is the prevailing emotion when you realize how safe and content you, and your whole family, will be with a Stannah Stairlift.

You love your home. You needn’t have to move because of your staircase. The beauty of your staircase can be enhanced by the elegance of a finely crafted stairlift from Stannah. Take the Stairlift Journey to Independence

For orders or information please call:
Home Medical Products: 412-672-5680
or email: Manns